Friday, February 20, 2015

Save $$$ When traveling from Bahrain to Japan! Part 2 of N

in Part 1 I brought up a nice little trick that would save you a lot of money when traveling from Bahrain to Japan; it actually works from Anywhere to Anywhere given that there are competing airlines!

Now in Part 1 I brought quite an outdated example of my own trip to Japan back in June 2014. Since am all so electric because am going yet again next march here is an updated comparison with more valid numbers; "Iki sou!!" ^_^

Am taking advantage of the beginning of Year promotions from -the worlds best- Gulf Carriers; Emirates, Qatar and Etihad. The Best airline podium is always a shuffle of those names; and they happen to have the cheapest fares too!

This Time Instead of taking BAH->DXB->HND (connecting in DOH) I have some business in Malaysia so am taking BAH->KUL->NRT (connecting in DXB).

At the time of preparing for this trip (January 2015) for my given travel dates, BAH->KUL was BD173 across Qatar and Etihad. Emirates is BD189.

I was inclined to fly Qatar, because up this point its my favorite air line, but by the time I confirmed my travel dates the fees went up to BD209 ($553) and tracking the A380 routes; Emirates they would start flying an A380-861 to KUL in March!

Etihad was still BD173 but operating an old A340-500 and longer transit times than emirates made me take Emirates Much quieter and down right cooler to ride A380 ^_^.

Lucky for me I got an "emergency window" seat on the way back from KUL->DXB super sized leg room! (Refer to to get the best seats!)

Now from KUL->NRT the cheapest was AirAsiaX (yup the one that crashed not so long ago!) They had a great offer at $299 only! (BD 113!)

But when I actually added 20Kg luggage and choose a seat for inbound and outbound it went up to 1294 MYR or $360 BD135.

So in Total Its BD189 for Emirates then BD135 for AirAsiaX, or BD324 (US$859) all the way from Bahrain to Tokyo! Nice ha? vs BD500+ ($1330+) taking a single airline directly from Bahrain!

But this about to get even cheaper! Qatar has a really nice "long term" savings, sub BD300 ($795!) in total! will leave that to part 3 ^_^

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Save $$$ When traveling from Bahrain to Japan! Part 1 of N

So electric about finally going to Japan, for months I have been researching "A.C.T. of travel"; Accommodation, Communication and Transport.

Will get to A and C in later posts perhaps, but what was really remarkable how much money I saved in T, Transport. like BD200 (U$500) in the Air ticket alone!

The basic idea is that we have awesome air carriers here in the GCC, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad. And the optimum situation is when aggressive companies eager for growth are adjacent to each other; COMPETITION!

So I found out that traveling by Qatar Airways from Dubai DXB, is way cheaper than flying Emirates from Dubai AND flying Qatar from Doha DOH. Stop here and think about it, taking a Qatar Airways flight from DXB-> DOH + DOH->TYO is cheaper than DOH->TYO alone! mind boggling!

(TYO is the Airport code for TOKYO, BOTH Narita NRT and Haneda HND, so if you dial in TYO you can search for flights to both airports at the same time ;) )

To an extent the other way around works too, Taking Emirates from DOH->DXB->TYO is cheaper than Qatar from DOH->TYO alone, and DXB->TYO!!

And the best part? all the combinations above are cheaper than BAH->TYO! ^____^

let me give an example with numbers, although note that this was between January and April 2014 to travel at the end of June 2014, but still valid to an extent till now (will update with new numbers soon).

BAH->NRT $1540 (quite an absurd number)
DOH->NRT $778 on Emirates
DXB->HND $809 on Qatar

Actually I took a DOH->KIX, KIX is Osaka's international airport because my meetings start there and it was $762! I wanted to delay activating my rail pass, by landing at Osaka instead of Tokyo then taking the train to Osaka, but will leave the details to another post as I saved another awesome some with the Railpass!

In fact, in mid march Emirates DOH->NRT was down to $666 once! Thats less than HALF the ticket from Bahrain .. O_o!

Of course you would need to go to DXB or DOH from BAH and thats like this:

To Doha:
BAH-> DOH is $124 on British Airways
BAH-> DOH can be as low as $140 with Qatar if they have an offer goin on

To Dubai:
BAH->DXB is $200 on Emirates
BAH->DXB is $135-160 on FlyDubai

*In the case of FlyDubai you need to take a 5 minute/AED40/US11 Taxi from -now renovated- Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 where Qatar fly's.

I never knew about this, but I stumbled upon it when I used, I went there to lookup which aircraft/airline combination had best seats that suggested "near by airports"

I knew when I was supposed to be there, so I gave in a window of prior dates that I might travel on (you know the +/- 3 days you may choose when looking online),

In an nutshell, Use SkyScanner and a Japan Railway Pass, stay tuned about the latter

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sales Strategy 2/N

Well, am a -opencl- nerd. Trying to sell things is is like trying to talk to aliens. So i went out looking, and I ought to, since I've been told so many times is that "you can never have a better sales man than the one built the thing in the first place, YOURSELF!"

Many sales concepts out there just make perfect sense. these are my notes for my company's business plan. You will notice that am "talking to myself" through out the text.

Yeah its also the second out of N number of blog posts, don't know how much I would be putting online, will do as much as I could. (this was the "Accidental" first one)

So lets get started, first is an obvious one, just know who are you talking to....

Understand the Customers Needs

  •  Prospective customer needs to be sold 2-3 on benefits  instead of the 100 features you (as a developer) so passionate about


o   Not doing so you will miss:
1.       Opportunity to connect directly and initiate a long term relationship with  the customer (Specially the “early adopters”)
2.       Opportunity to have direct feedback from the customer, which is the best source for recommendations to improve a young startup’s products or services.

Always Follow up!

·          You have to be shameless about it ( ;) ) Don’t worry about intruding on the prospects ( ok not a lot ;) ) or be afraid that being too persistent will make you loose the deal.
o   If  a customer says No because you followed too much they weren't going to close the deal anyway!
o   Keep up with them until you get a “yes” or a “no”, simple as that.

Track the Sales Funnel

·         Having  the process of  a “ sales funnel” is critical. Metrics to measure/track include: calls, emails, connections to decision makers, qualified leads, closed deals (deal value and time to close)

A Lower Price NOT Always better

·         It’s a lower “barrier of entry” for you customers, but at the risk of “diluting the value” of your product/service. Moreover, ultimately you need the price of your products to support your business.
o   “Sell the value and not the price tag”
o   “Every entrepreneur needs to be a successful sales person”

Actually 'Ask' for the sale!

·         As simple as that. Building a relationship with a customer with all that calls and all that emails; It’s easier now to ask for the sale from your new “best friend”. That would actually steer things in the direction you want.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What occurred is the BEST of what ever that was going to occur

A couple of days ago I've noticed a twitter conversion about that nostalgic feeling when you hear an old track or see a show that you used to love (أموووت في"الحصن"!!لوول  (

Conversion took a, what felt quite awkward to me; "sad" route that, such nostalgia hints the feeling of getting old and that good memories "are history" ... i thought  … "O_o??"

1-Long ago i heard this quote over the interwebz, "Don't be sad it’s over, be happy it happened!" ... it’s beautiful and kinda relives one's inner conscious from the mentioned "negative nostalgia" and inverts it into a nice "+ve" feeling, and I like that!

2-Not just that, I also thought -as a Muslim!- is that "الخير في ما يختاره الله" loosely translating that (with my far-from-academic-spoken-Arabic-slang into my purely-technical-non-acadamic-again-enlg1sh) to "Goodness is in Allah's Choice". Basically, what ever happened to you, either you perceive that as good or bad yourself, it was THE best option for you, whether you see the point of that or not now. Which is even more beautiful! Think about it, who’s got the “holistic” view? Domino effect, anybody?

3-And also as a muslim, I always wondered how Allah (SWT) describes the life after death sometimes in the "past tense". Mr.Tariq Suwedan made an awesome explanation is that if Allah (SWT) created everything, hence Allah (SWT) also created the concept of "time"! By induction this also answers the quite simple question of if Allah (SWT) created everything, then who created Allah (SWT)? well Allah (SWT) created the concept of that everything "must be created" or needs a starting point. So both concepts (time and creation) logically do not apply to the creator! Note that am no sheikh or religious scholar so this is my own thoughts here and i might be waay off. But the point is.....

4-Since Whatever Allah (SWT) destined to you is always the best (point 2), and what you actually liked, "happened" (point 1) and with the logical induction (in point 3). At any point of the future or the past anything turns out to be the best option! Hence, no regrets what so ever (the past) and no worries what so ever (the future).

But nnnoooou! Make no mistake! This doesn't mean that life is all rosy, no difficulties WILL occur or perhaps we don’t make bad decisions and must learn from them (past)! On the +ve side this also gives this massive "hope". but again this new found energy must be funneled into "better planning" (future).

So yeah we must "believe" but we also must be "practical". Lose either ones and it’s a recipe for going ...i don't know backwards or downwards or even worse, a convoluted mix of both :p

5-There is a saying in Arabic (which I don’t know its source, but am quite fond of!) "ما كان ليكون إلا ما كان" which again means (with my loose Arabic and English) "Nothing would have happened BUT what actually happened" so nothing else better or worse would've happened. (well maybe it would’ve in a parallel universe or an other dimension but am no quantum physicist :p or maybe this parallel thingy is just a BAZINGA! ). With the conclusion in point 4, you can morph that into the more beautiful "ما كان ،أفضل ما كان سيكون" or "What occurred is the best of what ever that was going to occur". now read that again and think.....

Finally, am just putting down what ever I had buzzing in mind about the subject, I like what happened, love to revisit it every now and then, and can’t fricken wait for whats to come ….

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sales, the way it should be

I came across this Harvard Business Review's (HBR) and i LOVED IT. am always "disgusted" by how Sales people approach me and how they ALL just care about getting as much as possible out of my wallet; and they get none usually, but this! This is different, and below are the most important points i believe from the article (i think i copied half of it ^_^)..


It’s common wisdom that you’re more likely to make a sale if you build rapport with a customer. Instead of focusing on the transaction., emphasize the connection by doing these three things:

Be generous. Go into each meeting with a list of five ways to make the prospect successful. Don’t worry about what you’ll get in return. Instead think of it as good sales karma for which you may be rewarded.
Become a trusted adviser. Stay focused on your customer's success, not your quota. Give the best advice you can give, only recommending your product when it's a great fit for their situation.
Believe in the ask. If it’s generous, with a low barrier to entry and huge opportunities for return, then you’re much more likely to forge a trusting relationship.

Important Notes from That Article

  • a sales call is a success if it advances your customers' cause and builds the relationship, not just if it closes a transaction
  • go into each meeting with a list of five ways to make the person you're meeting successful. That's what's going to arrest people's attention and make them willing to develop a closer relationship with you
    • Research the person! You're looking for personal reasons to care. Find a way to introduce something that leverages your shared interests.
    • Talking about them will make you human,not just a sales person pushing a service or a widget
  • Mind you, they're not all personal. At least one should be purely professional, even if not related in any way to what you're trying to sell. For example, find out what the analysts say the company's goals or "big bets" are and what they have to achieve. [awesome! point]
  • Essentially, the key is to stay focused on your customer's success. 
  • ..retaining the trust you've developed by recommending your product only when it's a great fit for their situation.
  • During a lull in the conversation, just ask: "You know what I do. How can I be of service to you?"
    • If they reply "Tell me a little bit more," they've opened up the whole dialog about your products
    • Leaving it open ended gives the client the opportunity to shape the discussion so that they'll never feel pushed. 

And Finally .. 

Moving from relationship building to selling boils down to asking two questions:
  1. Have I been truly generous to this individual, and earned enough trust that they're ready to listen to my "ask"?
  2.  Do I 100% believe in the value of the solution I'm offering? If the answer to those two questions is yes, you'll often find a transaction further deepens your relationship with your customer.

This definitely going into my company's sales strategy!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Enthusiasm Killer, Killer Enthusiasm

..was kinda annoyed several days ago by something totally unrelated to work, so I wasn't exactly in a perfect mood>>

With that said, I personally really like how my teammates are hyped about my new start up  RAIKOM (BigData "side project" I "found myself" working on) but with my a fore mentioned attitude I nearly killed such enthusiasm in an occasion on that night.

So I thought, I had to fix that, the most important thing to a start up is not the idea, not the investment; but rather the entrepreneurial spirit or simple the enthusiasm. Idea's change (or rather pivots), money comes eventually but the essence of having your own way is the best part!

To Co-founders...

You two need not to “ask for” anything that you believe that it is appropriate and you feel enthusiastic about. So be assertive. You want something, even if somebody -or everybody- disagrees on initially that shouldn't make you feel down or discouraged.
You think it must be done, reason us into agreeing with you (but don’t be a dictator; Most scary dictators are women by the way! kidding :p). 

........Work should be fun, before anything else!

To fuel your enthusiasm...

...which is believe me, if just one is radiating with enthusiasm "infects" others too! One should work on one or too aspects that he/she is would go "banana's" in excitement beside the actual grunt of building a start-up  which is not always exciting; specially if its the initial incorporation / governmental work!
Basically what would be the most exciting thing that you could be engaged to at work? Got that in mind? Now do it!

True you might not be able to embody that dream for a while, as your just starting now, but who cares! I really love building computers, and I always have a “configuration” of my perfect PC, always update it for fun, and when Its actually time to build one I have a well-rounded plan.  In fact that made me adept enough in building machines I can now configure servers for different kind of usages, I never thought I would need that someday but here I am with a natural "thing" for building machines!

Come at me bro....

And how about this: 2 days ago we met some mentor in a dinner event (YAL GEW ... Google that :p ) and he told us that a start-up should always have multiple added values, ultimately those should also be advantages over competitors too.
Thinking of it as a competition where you are confident that you're going to implement some aspects that you can excel in (even though you might just not recognize those yet). 
Make no mistake, I don't mean being over-confident with an "empty magazine", rather knowing that you still have tricks up your sleeve, which are probably a fruit by your expertise of the start ups concept or perhaps some unfulfilled need that you can address. Now its all about proper execution!

.......Its a challenge, but that’s the cool part!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Best Egypt Protest Signs From Around The World: Pics, Videos, Links, News

The Best Egypt Protest Signs From Around The World: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Egyptians have the best protests ever! Egypt for The win!!!

Scientists store data in bacteria

Scientists store data in bacteria

Now this is interesting!

one more MS 70-643 admin!

Felt nice to have the "You have Passed!" earlier today in the Prometric Room!
but honestly, i don't thin i would ever put this expertise in effect, am not going to work as an Admin no more! this stuff is BORING!!
me = OpenCL!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Top 10 Habits of Happy Workers | A Different Kind of Work

The Top 10 Habits of Happy Workers | A Different Kind of Work

when i used to be a Worker, i HATED non-happy Working environments...if you know what i mean! ^_^

60 signs you’re addicted to social media and Twitter - Holy Kaw!

60 signs you’re addicted to social media and Twitter - Holy Kaw!

simply....if you're reading this, then you're addicted!

New transistors: An alternative to silicon and better than graphene | Bioscience Technology Online

New transistors: An alternative to silicon and better than graphene | Bioscience Technology Online
100,000 Times LESS ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy SMOKE!!!

Malaysia in talks for Gulf-wide free trade deal - Politics & Economics -

Malaysia in talks for Gulf-wide free trade deal - Politics & Economics -

I wonder how can we Start-ups benefit from this?

Video: The Future Generation of Exascale Supers |

Video: The Future Generation of Exascale Supers |

ExaScale, thats why i named my little GPGPU start-up 'EXA'!

Blog Marketing to Increase to 43% in 2012 – How’s Your Copywriting? | Social Media & Internet Marketing News for Business | Marketaire

Blog Marketing to Increase to 43% in 2012 – How’s Your Copywriting? | Social Media & Internet Marketing News for Business | Marketaire

This made me refresh THIS blog, man i have a feeling that bloggin is gonna boom in the little world up-my-neck just like Tweeting did!

Stunningly Beautiful World of Michał Karcz

Stunningly Beautiful World of Michał Karcz
Really Astonishing!

Monday, November 30, 2009


GPU's blows another competitor!

MW2 Numbers!

Damn! just Damn!!! its tooo beautiful! and too lucrative! i think i need ot buy some shares in Activision or look for a job in InfinityWard hehehe

End of Consoles? Atleast as we know them!

Quite interesting, with everybody sooo pessimistic about "PC Gamming" now consoles going the way of the dodo..??

Modern Warfare 2 is KiLLeR

I can belive the amount of screaming involved when i was playing this! too Good, toooo Awesome!! me want MW3 sooooooo bad!!!!
I was screaming like TEEET when i was "getting the knife off"....
damn awesome!

Its he biggest launch in human history! bested Batman Darknight and harry poter!!! it deserves to be!

Monday, August 24, 2009



SENIOR PROJECT MODE: Studying University of Stanford Graphics Architecture Courses

Just started to REV-UP and get SERIOUS about my Senior (read:Graduation) Project!
Awesome stuff from a legendary university!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Me?? on Microsoft MACH!!!

my goodness!!! i would really cry if they took me!!!

YAY! OpenCL Finally!

Todya i finally made it into the ATi Stream Beta Program!! and 7amd li allah 2^65536 times! they just released OpenCL one! KiLLeR! just in time for my Radeon 4890!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Killer GPS!

I love the idea of Realestic GPS cities!! but damn would need tons of Shading power (GPU's everywhere!)


looks cool! although, didnt they count on the "aerodynamics"? it looks like a huge SAIL!

A burning ... MAC??

To all of you hardcore MAC'ers...guess wut? it "burns" too!

A Burning HTC!!!

My diamond gets really hot in CPU/GPU/Antenna Part, but burning the jeans!!! wow!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why Do ppl quit using Linux?

LOL, man who doesnt use linux is a F41L K1tt3H!!!

me + CUDA(???) = UoB's First Supercomputer????

Last Thursday I was totally blown away by UoB's Building 27's New labs!!
60-80 Dell XPS's all fitted with Core i7 965 Extreme Editions, 6GB DDR3 and.....TWO nCrapia's GeForce GTX280's in SLI!!!! Damn!!! in UofB??????????? since when???

well that shot in a more radical thought in my about linking all those GTX's and i7's to be a stratospheric Computing Power? technically forming up a Grid "Bewolf" Style Supercomputer???? i did a rough calculation that would top out around 218 TERA FLOPS!!!! i guess even iran or north korea dont have such computing power for thier nuclear research lol!!

So am proposing the idea tomorrow to the Dean of IT and Dean of Engineering....imagine guys, a 60 i7's with twin GTX280 afterburners as a supercomputer for the physics department/Render Farm for the Eng department/ or even Folding@home!!!!

cant wait untill tomorrow!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Large Hadron Collider BONAZA!!

You must've heared about the Biggest experiment in history, conducted in the Large Hadron Collider, LHC for short, here is some news and coverages about this thing!!:

An EXCELLENT video to explain the whole thing!

Didnt you think the "Large Hadron Collider" is a wiered name??/

A wild-imagination animation of a black hole swalloing up the collider and evrything else

The real web cams of the LHC

One of the Collider's Sensors (which I dont have a clue why da heck it was directly available online) was HACKED!!! (HA4XORZZ!!!)

[PS2 vs PS3 vs XBOX360] The Engineering Point of View

Well maybe not a direct comparison, BUT after reading the actual architecture of these console's you will point out the winner yourself (or infact, you will convince yourself that there isnt a clear winner!!)
Generally I myself like the Xbox360's "Games" more...its has more "PC" feeling in it!

Mozilla's Commitment to the Gecko Engine

With launch of Google Chrome browser, the Applie invention, already popular Web Sites Rendering Engine "WebKit" scored big time! Its FAST, very light weight and efficent! and since the definition of FAST on the web isnt just loading the page anymore, but the smooth execution of the scripts in the loaded web site is! (Think surfing in FACEBOOK or anyother script heavy website, which are becoming a norm nowdays). WebKit has a supercharged JavaScript Engine, but why isnt Mozilla making the move? Well current engine, "Gecko" is one heck of a JUGGERNAUT (Made by Netscape), but its very heavy too! (FireFox memory usage anyone??) anyhow i will leave the rest for you to read in the original article..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Storms Formation (Video)

Ever wanted to know how Storms (and "cyclones") form?? check this out!

24hours Laptop on one charge

Nice, a whole day on one charge!
its really wiered, long ago in the days of Pentium and Pentium II long haul laptops where everywhere, they disappeared, now they're making a comeback. This is analogous to thin phone's! (recall the Ericsson T28S)

Space Elevator (Video)

Well the sky-is-the-limit when nano-technology is in the mix! am really considering an MS.c in nano-engineering here

Mid-Air Bombing!!!!

Vacuum effect of aerodynamics nearly killed 2 pilots mid-air!!

nVidia in Your DASHBOARD!!

Awesome stuff here! full 3D instrument's panel!!! 1337 stuffz!
think 3D Speedometer in highway with some cool effects, @ Park it changes to Back View Camera, inface LandRovers LRX future 4x4 has Driving Moods, which changes the theme of the panel to differnet colors (Sport is all red, economy mode renders a green panel..)